Waterpik Cordless Select #783

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Waterpik Cordless Select #783 KD 49.000



Waterpik® Water Flosser  Model WF-10ME


1. Tip rotator 2. Power button 3. Mode/pressure button 4. Battery charge indicator            5. Charging contacts 6. Tip 7. Tip eject button 8. Reservoir fill door 9. Reservoir.


Recommended Technique Lean low over sink and place the tip in mouth. Aim the tip toward teeth, and turn the unit ON (l). For best results, start with the back teeth and work toward the front teeth. Glide tip along gumline and pause briefly between teeth. Continue until you have cleaned the inside and outside of both the upper and lower teeth. Direct the jet stream at a 90-degree angle to your gumline. Slightly close lips to avoid splashing but allow water to flow freely from mouth into the sink. Keep unit upright during use for best results.


Adjusting the Pressure Setting First press power button. Unit will start on “low.” Press power button a second time, this will turn unit to “high.” Pressing button third time will turn unit “off.” The single LED exhibits the following behavior: · Solid – If motor is running and battery is greater than half full. · Single, rapid blink every 3 seconds when unit is fully charged and the charger is connected


Inserting and Removing Tips

Insert tip into the center of the knob at the top of the Water Flosser handle. The colored ring will be flush with the end of the knob if the tip is correctly locked into place. To remove the tip from the handle, press the tip eject button and pull tip from handle.


Filling the Reservoir

Lift the flip top on reservoir and fill the reservoir with lukewarm water.

When Finished

Turn the unit off. Empty any liquid left in the reservoir. If desired, the reservoir may be removed from the power handle by sliding the reservoir down towards the base of the unit. To replace the reservoir on the power handle, simply slide it up towards the top of the unit.