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B.Well Water Flosser #780

KD 25.000


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B.Well Water Flosser #780 KD 29.000 KD 25.000

The modern compact oral irrigator WI-912 is a professional device for at-home teeth and gum maintenance.

B.Well WI-912 Irrigator is your way to teeth and gum health from gentle massage to vigorous cleaning. With the combination of water pressure and pulsation B.Well WI-912 Irrigator removes harmful bacteria deep between teeth and below gumline where brushing won’t reach.

High power 720 kPa for effective hygiene.

Contains 5 nozzles for all your needs: 2 standard nozzles, tongue cleaner, orthodontic nozzle, periodontal nozzle.

It effectively cleans interdental space from food residue, and removes soft dental plaque that causes bacteria to spread. B. Well WI-912 is an excellent way to prevent tooth decay and periodontal diseases. B. Well WI-912 is an indispensable tool for daily hygiene, especially for patients with bridgework, implants, crowns or braces.

Well WI-912 portable irrigator is as powerful as the best stationary models. The device is easy to operate and convenient for use either at home or on the road. It is compact and does not take up a lot of space in the bathroom or travel bag.

B.Well WI-912 portable irrigator runs on a modern lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery with enough charge for a month of use. The wireless design is safe and convenient.

The device has 3 operating modes for healthy teeth and gums. 2 interchangeable nozzles with different colors are included, and the nozzle can be changed easily using a special button.

Set for wall fixation for easy positioning in the bathroom.

Device benefits: smart design, simple two-button control, easy to fill with water. The B.Well WI-912 is the best oral irrigator for the whole family.

Portable Oral irrigator

State–of-the-art dental and gum care

Taking сare of oral hygiene means taking care of health. White teeth, fresh breath and healthy gums are important indicators of human well-being and personal care. The health of the body as a whole largely depends on the state of the oral cavity. It has been proven that our usual daily oral care …

How often do people smile? Of course it depends on people and circumstances. A smile is a sign that everyone understands, even if they speak different languages. A smile can cheer up, calm down, win over, help come to an understanding. To have a “hollywood” smile you need healthy teeth. …

  • Optimal powerOptimal power of 720 kPa for effective hygiene. Irrigator WI-912 is as good as the best stationary models.
  • 3 modes of operation
    3 modes for comfortable usage
    Normal—efficient hygiene
    Soft—for sensitive teeth
    Pulse—therapeutic gingival massage
  • CordlessEquipped with a modern Li-ion battery – lasts up to one month on a single charge
  • AC adapter includedCan be charged anywhere
  • Uniform water flowWater pulsation frequency: 1,420 pulses/min
  • 360° nozzle rotationFor efficient and comfortable use
  • Convenient for two users2 nozzles with different colored rings are included
  • CompactCompact and lightweight, hardly takes up bathroom space and is easy to travel with
  • Automatic turn-offAutomatic turn-off after 2 minutes—the device will not run out of battery if turned on accidentally
  • Nozzles holder
  • Storage bag
  • Convenient water filling
  • Low noise level


Optimal power of 720 kPa for effective hygiene
3 modes of operation
for comfortable
360³ nozzle rotation
5 nozzles for complete care
Non-contact charging station is a modern and easy way to charge the device