Arta Copper Tongue Scraper #1165

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Arta Copper Tongue Scraper #1165 KD 3.500

Nature’s Solution to Bad Breath

Are you tired of battling persistent bad breath? Look no further than Artā, the brand that brings you a solution that’s as beautiful as it is effective. Our Artā Tongue Scraper, crafted from pure copper, is here to revolutionize your oral care routine and transform your breath from unpleasant to irresistibly fresh.


The Science Behind Fresh Breath

Bad breath is often caused by the accumulation of bacteria and debris on the surface of your tongue. The Artā Tongue Scraper is not just any ordinary oral care product; it harnesses the incredible natural antibacterial properties of copper to combat bacterial residues.


Why Copper?

Copper has been revered for centuries for its antibacterial and antimicrobial qualities. When you use our Artā Tongue Scraper, you’re not just removing residue; you’re investing in a holistic solution for maintaining oral hygiene. The copper’s magic lies in its ability to eliminate harmful bacteria on contact, leaving your tongue feeling revitalized and your breath refreshingly clean.

Benefits of Artā Tongue Scraper

Superior Cleaning: Our uniquely designed tongue scraper efficiently removes bacterial buildup and debris, leaving your tongue feeling clean and rejuvenated.

– Natural Antibacterial Action: Copper’s natural antibacterial properties help to eliminate odor-causing bacteria, providing you with long-lasting freshness.

– Gentle and Safe: Crafted with precision, the Artā Tongue Scraper is gentle on your tongue and will not cause any discomfort during use.

– Durable and Stylish: Made from high-quality copper, our tongue scraper is not only effective but also a beautiful addition to your daily routine. Lasts up to 3 years.

– Easy to Use: With its ergonomic design, our tongue scraper is easy to handle and ensures a hassle-free cleaning process.

Experience the Artā Difference

Artā Tongue Scraper is the missing piece in your oral care routine that will leave you wondering why you didn’t discover it sooner. Ready to transform your breath and elevate your oral health? Try Artā Tongue Scraper today and step into a world of clean, fresh, and confident smiles. Your journey to better oral hygiene starts here