ZQuiet, Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece, Comfort Size #1, Single Refill, BPA-Free #1117

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ZQuiet, Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece, Comfort Size #1, Single Refill, BPA-Free #1117 KD 19.500
  • Size# 1 Refill: Includes a single Size #1 mouthpiece; For new customers, we recommend you get our 2-Size Starter Kit to determine which size is right for you; Switch to Size #2 only if Size #1 doesn’t stop your snoring

  • Ideal For: Those with an overbite (lower front teeth sit behind the upper front teeth) or normal bite with light to moderate snoring; Universal fit, suitable for both men and women
  • Snoring Relief: Targets the root cause of snoring by slightly advancing your lower jaw (+2mm) to keep your airways open while you sleep; Provides immediate snoring relief and all-night comfort so you and your partner can enjoy restful sleep
  • Soft & Comfortable: Lightweight and flexible profile for maximum wearing comfort; Living hinge technology with an open front design enables you to move your jaw freely, breathe naturally and even take a drink of water


Product Description

This refill pack contains a single, clear Comfort Size #1 mouthpiece that provides a slight +2mm jaw adjustment. Size #1 is recommended for those with an overbite or a normal bite with light to moderate snoring. If you’re new to ZQuiet, consider starting with the 2-Size Starter Pack to determine which size resolves your snoring. Once you’ve identified your ideal size, order either Size #1 or Size #2 separately. ZQuiet’s mouthpiece is soft, low-profile, and flexible, providing a lightweight, comfortable feel. It’s less bulky and intrusive than similar products with a hard plastic shell. ZQuiet’s living hinge technology with an open front design lets you open and close your mouth naturally and even allows you to talk or take a sip of water. Minor side effects, such as drooling or jaw discomfort, are normal and tend to fade with consistent use. (See tips on adjustment in the content below.) For proper hygiene and optimal performance, replace your ZQuiet mouthpiece every 4-6 months.

ZQuiet Comfort Size #1 Refill—Recommended for: An overbite, normal bite or Light to moderate snoring

Illustration of the ZQuiet mouthpiece

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Illustration showing that a boiling pot of water is not needed

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Living Hinge Technology

Allows you to open and close your mouth freely

Soft, Thin & Lightweight

Unobtrusive with enhanced wearing comfort

Ready to Use

No boiling or molding needed

Open Front Design

Enables natural breathing

To Begin Using: Insert ZQuiet into your mouth by holding the mouthpiece in the folded position
Adjustment Tips. Start by wearing your ZQuiet for short periods of time (10-15 minutes) before sleep
The ZQuiet difference