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Fluor Protector S Bottle 6g #580 KD 36.000



Fluor Protector S
The strong fluoride varnish
Fluor Protector S
Homogeneous protective varnish
in a dispensing tube
In order to stay healthy and look good,
teeth need to be supplied with fluoride
throughout their lifetime. In many
cases, using toothpaste alone is not
enough and additional amounts of
fluoride have to be administered using
other means. The local application of
a fluoride varnish is the professional
method of choice. Dental organizations
emphatically recommend this measure.
Decades of expertise
The fluoride varnish Fluor Protector S
has been developed by Ivoclar Vivadent,
a leading international manufacturer of
dental varnishes. The sophisticated and
innovative varnish technology is based
on decades of expertise. The company
works closely with dentists and their
teams to respond to their demands and
those of their patients. In the process,
nothing is left to chance. Preparations
like Fluor Protector S fluoride varnish
enhance the service offerings of dental
practices and help to develop them for
the future

Comprehensive protection
The fluoride varnish blocks exposed
cervicals and protects them from sensitivity. The uncomfortable sensations
produced by hot and cold stimuli are
reduced. Fluor Protector S is used to
treat hypersensitive teeth
increase the acid resistance of
dental enamel
get long-term caries prevention
round off professional
tooth cleaning
reduce sensitivity after
tooth-whitening procedures


Immediate fluoridation of enamel
The innovative varnish system featuring
a homogeneously dissolved fluoride
source ensures immediate availability
of fluoride. The entire dose of
fluoride contained in Fluor Protector S
is available in a very short time.
As a result, dental enamel is directly
and effectively supplied with fluoride.


High-yielding fluoride depot
After the application of Fluor Protector S,
finely distributed calcium fluoride particles
form on the teeth. During acid attacks, these
particles break down into calcium and fluoride. The dense covering layer acts as a highyield depot from which fluoride and calcium
are released over an extended period of
time. Consequently, the acids cannot directly
attack the enamel and dentin.


For children and adults
Fluor Protector S is suitable for treating
children, adolescents and adults. Due
to its concentration and mild taste,
the product can even be used to treat
pre-school children. The fast and easy
application is well accepted by children.
Compared with inhomogeneous preparations that have to be mixed before
use, Fluor Protector S features a consistent and controlled concentration of
components. Fluor Protector S is ready
for direct application and can therefore
be used immediately


Features Benefits
7700 ppm fluoride in a homogeneous solution; approx. 4-times
higher concentration after setting
Optimum flow and wetting properties
Easy application
Multi-dose and
single-dose units
Mild taste and smell
Compatible with tooth-whitening
Immediately ready for use
Controlled fluoride application
Immediate availability of fluoride
Improved treatment of
difficult-to-reach risk areas
Fast treatment under field conditions
Recommended for sensitive
High acceptance by children
Reduction of potential hypersensitivity
after tooth-whitening procedures
High-yielding dispensing tube
Individual single-dose units

Only for clinics