Medikits- Complete Suture Practice Kit for Suture Training

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Medikits- Complete Suture Practice Kit for Suture Training, Including Large Silicone Suture Pad with Pre-Cut Wounds and Suture Tool kit (25 Pieces)(Demonstration and Education Use Only)

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  • ✔ A COMPLETE SUTURE PRACTICE KIT – Unlike the other comparable products, it comes with everything a you needs to practice your suturing techniques. This suturing practice kit includes all the essential suture tools in one package: hegar needle holder, Adson forceps, suture scissors, scalpel blades (2-pack), suture thread (16-pack). Tools are conveniently organized and stored in a carry case – 25 piece package.
  • ✔ DURABLE AND HIGH QUALITY – Our suture pad is designed to replicate the anatomical structure of human tissue including 3 layers: skin, fat and muscle, to provide the best human tissue simulation possible. It comes with 14 wounds of 8 types and has sufficient space for additional cuts. Medikits large suture pad (7 inch x 4.5 inch) will last and serve you for a long time, and with good care it can be used over a 150 times.
  • ✔ REALISTIC TEXTURE, VARIETY OF WOUNDS – Our silicone suture pad comes with a variety of wounds and is extremely realistic in mimicking the human flesh, preparing a student for a real-life scenario. Ongoing practice with our suture kit is guaranteed to make you confident dealing with all types of wounds during critical times.
  • ✔ TESTED BY MEDICAL STUDENTS – We have done extensive testing with medical students and had them provide feedback and perfect our product! We strive to improve the product features with each new release to bring you the best product possible and help you learn to suture. NOTE:This product is for demonstration purposes only and is not intended for use on humans or animals.
  • ✔ PERFECT FOR: Medical Students, Dental students, Nursing Students, Veterinary students, EMT & Emergency response trainees and survivalist & preppers.Get a professional suturing simulation experience designed to do one thing: Properly train you to confidently perform suturing techniques and a variety advanced surgical knot tying methods.

    Our suture pad has been redesigned and improved after medical students used it and came up with ways to improve the product – students are the primary users of our product, so who to trust if not the actual user? Our latest product update features a built in “mesh layer” between the skin and the fat layer, making the pad more durable and long lasting. Moreover, you are getting a complete package of tools needed to practice suturing and no need to look for other essentials. For a moderate price you get a great value! The suture pad is made of the highest quality silicone material, comes with three layers of tissue: skin, muscle and fat, providing the next best anatomical simulation to practice on, after an actual human flesh or a dead animal. There are 14 cuts of various types (10 types), width and depth and lots of space to add additional cuts. In the suture kit you get: Large suture pad with wounds Hegar needle holder Adson forceps Suture scissors Scalpel blades (3-pack) Suture thread (16-pack) Storage case with zipper So convenient and helps to keep you organized in a world of exams, study and school life chaos! The suture practice set can be used for: Exams and study practice Teaching demonstrations Practice before starting a real job or residency NOTE: This product is for demonstration purposes only and is not intended for use on humans or animals.