ShotPRO™ premier” kit contains 12 pieces #629

KD 35.000

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ShotPRO™ premier" kit contains 12 pieces #629 KD 35.000

1- flexi buccolingo
2- flexi pedo
3- flexi rectangle
4- felxi ovale
5- flexi curvo
6- flexi o/duo
7- flexi L/duo
8- flexi C
9- (2) retractor large
10- (2) retractor medium

Matt surface for documentation
– very smooth surface

Gloosy surface for artistic and marketing perspective
– give you a contrasted reflection with fine details
-Act as a black mirror without light distortion

ShotPRO™ premier” kit contains 12 pieces:

⚠️ ShotPRO™ contrasters (8) designes:

1- Flexi Pedo “SP-8001”:
For the first time worldwide ????????
– Pedo contraster with two functional surface + frenum notch.

2- Flexi Rectangle “SP-8002”:
-Rectangle shape: adult occlusal for large arches (size 3 tray)
– with two functional surfaces.

3- Flexi Oval “SP-8003”:
– Oval shape: adult occlusal for small arches (size 1&2 trays).
– with two functional surfaces.

4- Flexi C “SP-8004”:
– 2 sizes curved surface for labial contrast.
+ frenum notch.

5- Flexi Curvo “SP-8005”:
– Curved surface (adult occlusal contrast) (retracting / contrasting tongue) while shooting anterior teeth.

6- Flexi Buccolingo “SP-8006”:
– Used for contrasting lingual and buccal aspects and also for small working areas like lower anterior teeth.

7- Flexi L/Oduo “SP-8007”:
– Lower -buccal – lingual – labial for lingual-buccal side + frenum notch.

8- Flexi O/Oduo “SP-8008”:
– 1 occlusal side and one labial side for occlusal side + frenum notch.

⚠️ ShotPRO™ Retractors (2) sizes:

Flexi Retractors “SP-8009/SP-8010”:
A- (2) large size. B- (2) Medium size.

– (C) shape:
– used for more vertical retraction
(most of the cases).

– (V) shape:
-used for more horizontal retraction
(surgical and orthodontic cases).

⚠️Product features:
1- Shape-memory polymers (SMPs):
smart materials that have the ability to return from a deformed state (temporary shape) to their original (permanent) shape when induced by an external stimulus (trigger), such as temperature change.

2- Bendable. 3- Flexible. 4- Unbreakable.
5- high color stability. 6- Autoclavable 121°C