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Balene Electric Toothbrush + Colgate Optic White for Coffee, Tea & Tobacco Users 75ML


Balene is the first toothbrush in the world that cleans the internal, external and chewing surface of teeth at the same time. Its advanced sonic technology transfers a high-frequency movement to the bristles, ensuring deep cleaning to all surface of teeth.

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1. BALENE’S UNIQUENESS INNOVATIVE DOUBLE SIDED TOOTHBRUSH THAT CLEANS ALL SURFACES OF TEETH SIMULTANEOUSLY Designed to brush the internal, external and chewing surfaces of teeth at the same time. Its 45° angled bristles ensure a deep and effective clean in gingival suculus. balene

2.EASY TO USE FIRST TOOTHBRUSH IN THE WORLD WITH ITS HEAD INDEPENDENT FROM THE HANDLE 2. 180° Facilitates changes in brushing direction with a simple side-to-side movement.

3.NEW GENERATION BRISTLES TYFLEX BRISTLES LAST LONGER AND HAVE ANTIBACTERIAL PROPERTIES NYLON BRISTLES • Must be replaced every 3 months. VS. TYFLEX BRISTLES . Last twice as long vs. nylon bristles. x2 · Nylon is hygroscopic and accumulates bacteria. . Eliminates 99,9% of bacteria. · Poor effectiveness on the gum line. 45° angled bristles depends on the user. ⚫ Guaranteed efficacy on the gum line. Due to its 45° angled bristles. 31 balene


The first toothbrush that cleans the internal and external surface of teeth at the same time.



Colgate® Optic White® for Coffee, Tea & Tobacco Users

  • This formula is clinically proven to remove up to 100% surface stains*
  • Scientifically proven efficacy against coffee, tea and tobacco tannins penetration to enamel**
  • With long lasting freshness

*After 2 weeks of use
**In vitro study