Huawei HiLink Lebooo Smart Sonic Toothbrush #443

KD 24.900

Huawei HiLink Lebooo Smart Sonic Toothbrush #443 KD 24.900

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  • Speaking of electric toothbrushes, I believe that everyone is no stranger. In the traditional toothbrush VS. Electric toothbrush vote on our community, 79% participants have chosen electric toothbrush. Compared with traditional toothbrushes, electric toothbrushes can be more scientifically effective and thoroughly cleaned up oral bacteria while also caring for gums, which is more secure and comfortable.
  • After connecting with Huawei Smart Life APP, HUAWEI HiLink LEBOOO Electric Toothbrush can visualize the 16 sides of the 6 areas in oral cavity. It can accurately track the tooth brushing areas, intelligently judge posture strength, and effectively improve tooth brushing cleanliness with voice prompts throughout the process, so as to achieve comprehensive cleaning without omission.
  • It not only gives real-time teeth brushing monitoring feedback to users, but also provide intelligent storage of 60 latest data in the last 30 days and easy access to in-depth oral health information.
  • Lebooo patented magnetic suspension core enables 38000 vibrations per minute, helping water flow to stimulate more kinetic energy, surging cleaning power, effectively brushing away yellow teeth stains, and making oral clean and refreshing.
  • 36 teeth cleaning schemes, such as cleaning / brightening and whitening / sensitive / nursing / personalized are available for you to choose the most appropriate cleaning scheme, meeting the oral needs of new hand / pregnant / elderly / orthodontic groups of people.
  • Lebooo Toothbrush supports 90-day long battery life. It adopts wireless quick charge technology, automatically charges when you put down the toothbrush. It needs only 8 hours to fully charge. Once fully charged, it can be used for 90 days.
  • 25o0mAh large capacity battery
  • 8hours fast charging




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