OxyJet Cleaning System & Oral-B PRO 2000
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OxyJet Cleaning System & Oral-B PRO 2000

KD 45.750

Oral-B Oxyjet Cleaning System is an oral irrigator that enriches water with micro-bubbles. The combination of water and purified air is designed to help hamper bacteria proliferation, provide a gentle gum massage, and boost the freshness of the breath all at the same time. Use it on the mono-jet function for an effective cleaning action, or choose the rotating jet function for a gentle gum massage. When used as part of a proper tooth brushing routine, this device helps improve gum health and minimizes discomfort or pain in the gums. For most effective results, always use this irrigator after tooth brushing. Read more about Oral-B Oxyjet Cleaning System here.

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3D cleaning action (oscillates, rotates and also pulsates);
40.000 pulsations per minute and 8.800 oscillations per minute;
2 brushing modes (Daily Clean and Sensitive);
2-minute inbuilt timer, with 30-second quadpacer;
Luminous pressure sensor that alerts if you’re brushing with too much pressure;
Is compatible with the 3D White, CrossAction, Dual Clean, Floss Action, Interspace/Power Tip, Ortho Care, Precision Clean, Sensi Ultrathin, Sensitive Clean, TriZone and replacement toothbrush heads.


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