Deformable Oral Irrigator
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Deformable Oral Irrigator

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♒ [Deep Cleaning & Care] Lucuma Cordless Water Flosser can clean where brushing can’t, deeply clean and whiten teeth, remove 99.99% of food residue hidden deep down, effectively massage gums, promote blood circulation and improve gum health; it also helps with bleeding gums and bad breath, and helps with braces and bridge care.
♒ [ Four modes & memory function] The water flosser cordless have 4 pressure modes to meet different oral care needs, pulse mode, soft mode, normal mode, strong mode; choose the mode that suits you, designed with uninterrupted power memory function, no need to make repeated settings.
♒ [Industry-leading structural design] Deformable oral irrigator designed with full consideration of the comfort of use, the upper half of the water flosser can be rotated and deformed, with a small bending amplitude and a more reasonable rinsing angle when in use. There are three nozzles to choose from, and the barb nozzle makes it easy to clean the inside of your teeth.
♒ [User-friendly button design] This water flossers for teeth water flow control by trigger switch ,thumb press to work, release to stop, to prevent accidental touch caused by water spraying, and child lock mode, to prevent children from using the wrong water spray.
♒ [Convenience & Quality Assurance] IPX7 waterproof water pick flossers, can be used in the bathroom, charging time is less than 3 hours, fully charged can be used for 15 days. The product is compact and lightweight, It’s Brings Great Convenience to Your Travels.


Water Flosser

professional oral care

Lucuma Cordless Water Flosser provides you with the most professional oral care, which can deeply clean your teeth; oral health is an important part of the health of the whole body, and is an important factor in maintaining and improving the quality of life. Healthy teeth not only enable you to chew and enjoy food, but also to communicate with others with a fresh mouth.

Portable Water Flosser

Water tank

There are two ways to add water, the first is to open the water tank fill port, fill the tank with water, close the fill port; the second will be taken off the tank to fill the water, and then the tank stuck back to the original position.

cleaning the tank will be taken off the tank, add a little detergent, wash off the dirt with a brush, rinse clean with water, if you do not use the Oral Irrigator for a long time, please keep the tank dry.

Portable Water Flosser


Water Flosser


Cordless Water Flosser


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Water Flosser Cordless

Suitable for the whole family oral care

Proper oral cleaning can improve overall image and self-confidence. It allows us to live a healthier and more enjoyable life.