Hydrogen Water Oral Irrigator #860

KD 45.000

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Hydrogen Water Oral Irrigator #860 KD 45.000

Sterilizer Pik is a new type of oral irrigator which uses hydrogen water for dental cleaning.

Hydrogen water has sterilizing effects.

Hydrogen water generator is installed in the oral irrigator.

It is the first time in the world.

Sterilizer Pik has the sterilizing function in addition to general irrigating function.

It is a noticeable difference from other brands.

You can take care of your oral health more effectively with Sterilizer Pik, Hydrogen Water Oral Irrigator.

* By adopting ergonomic design, the user can grip the product comfortably and there is no burden on the writst.

* Ultrafine water stream with 3 modes – Normal / Soft / Pulse

Select the appropriate mode according to the purpose of use.

* Independent button (H2 button) for generating hydrogen water

Let’s take care of your teeth & gums with Sterilizer Pik.

* Clean around braces, bridges, or implants

* Relieve bleeding or pain around gums by sterilizing with hydrogen water

* Remove bad breath caused by smoking, plaque, etc

* Children who need to take care of oral health.


* Ultrafine & Strong water flow to clean between teeth and gums

* Use hydrogen water which has sterilizing effects

* Water Stream with 3 modes – Normal / Soft / Pulse

* Battery is conveniently charged with sitting on cradle.

* Waterproof function for safety.

* Battery can be used up to 10 days if charged fully (10 hours)