Replacement Tips for Waterpik Water Flosser, Storage Case and Pack of 6 Tips

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waterpik tip case




6-Tip Combo & Storage Box: Hygienic and convenient storage case for up to 6 Waterpik Aquatic Irrigator Tips, features an easy-open, hinged flip-top lid.
Value Pack – Includes 6 Classic Jet Tips
COLOR CODED FOR YOUR FAMILY – Different colors for each member of the family, so there is no confusion about which tip belongs to whom.
Scheduled Repalcing for Health – We recommend replacing the Classic Jet Tip every 3 months because mineral deposits can collect and reduce performance over time.
Fits most Waterpik Aquatic Irrigators: Aquarium, Aquarium Professional, Complete Care, Cordless, Cordless Advanced, Cordless Express, Cordless Freedom, Cordless Plus, Cordless Professional, Cordless Select, Nano, Nano Plus, Ortho Care, Traveler, Ultra , Ultra Plus, children’s dental irrigator


Compatible models

Aquarius (WP-660, WP-662, WP-663, WP-665, WP-667, WP-668, WP-669) Aquarius Professional (WP-670, WP-672, WP-673, WP-674, WP -675, WP-676) Complete Care (WP-900) Complete Care 5.0 (W). P-861, WP-862) Full Care 5.5 (WP-811, WP-812) Full Care 7.0 (WP-950, WP-952) Full Care 9.0 (CC-01CD010-1, CC-01CD012-2) Full Care 9.5 (CC-02CD010-1, CC-0-0-1, CC-0-1, CC-01, CC-01, CC-01, CC-01, CC-01, CC-01. 2CD012 -2) Wireless Advanced (WP-560, WP-562, WP-563, WP-565, WP-567, WP-569) Wireless Select (WF-10W010, WF-10W012) Wireless Plus (WP-450, WP-462, WP -463, WP-465, WP-468) wireless freedom (WF-03CD). 010, WF-03CD012) Wireless (WP-360) Wireless Express (WF-02W010,

Unsupported Models

Classic Water Flosser (WP-60/65/72) Whitening (WF-05, WF-06) Sidekick (WF-04)