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Apagard Apa-Kids toothpaste 60g + SEAGO Electric Toothbrush kids Cartoon Colorful Oral Observation LED Waterproof Soft Bristles Massage Teeth CareApagard Apa-Kids toothpaste 60g

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Kids Package Offer 3 #662 KD 19.000 KD 15.500
  • Apagard Apa-Kids toothpaste 60g | the first nanohydroxyapatite remineralizing toothpaste for kids

A paste type with less foaming (low foaming) that is easy for children to brush during the transition period from baby teeth to permanent teeth.
Baby teeth and freshly erupted permanent teeth are prone to caries because their enamel is immature, and once they develop caries, it progresses rapidly.
“Apa Kids” is a medicated toothpaste that protects children’s teeth from tooth decay, containing “medicinal hydroxyapatite”, a tooth-prevention ingredient developed by Sangi.

■Capacity: 60g
■Flavor Ramune,




Electric Toothbrush for Children – functional modes of teeth cleaning, colour: LED backlight, timer: 2 minutes at 30 sec intervals, material: ABS/TPE, powered by 1 × AAA battery (not included), endurance up to 120 days (when used twice a day), frequency of 24,000 oscillations per minute, water resistance: IPX7, dimensions: 188 × 19 × 19mm, weight: 27g (without battery), package contents Seago brush and 3 × SG831 attachment for children 36m+, brush material: Super soft Dupont nylon

  • The electric toothbrush is suitable for children from 3 years of age
  • Specially designed handle for the youngest children
  • The package includes three extensions with very fine hairs
  • The brush offers gentle cleaning modes
  • The number of oscillations is 24,000 per minute
  • An additional two-minute interval after half a minute alerts the child to change the cleaning area
  • The Seago SG-977 toothbrush has a coloured LED backlight
  • If the two-minute cleaning is observed twice a day, the toothbrush will last up to 120 days in operation
  • Charging with 1 × AAA battery
  • Compatible with SG-025, SG-035 and SG-H923 heads
  • The Seago SG-977 electric toothbrush is waterproof

Thanks to a specially designed handle shape, the Seago SG-977 electric toothbrush for children is adapted for smaller children. This corresponds to a lower number of oscillations, which is 24,000 per minute. Thanks to the very fine attachments made of Super soft Dupont nylon, you can be sure that the tooth enamel will not be damaged. The Seago SG-977 toothbrush offers water resistance IPX7, so children can brush their teeth in the shower. The package includes three SG831 extensions designed for children from 36 months. The brushes are compatible with SG-025, SG-035 and SG-H923 heads, which you can choose according to the age of the child.