Sea Bond Secure Denture Adhesive Seals #619

KD 2.500

Sea Bond Secure Denture Adhesive Seals, Original Uppers, Zinc Free, All Day Hold, Mess Free, 15 Count

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Sea Bond Secure Denture Adhesive Seals #619 KD 2.500
  • Secure denture adhesive for a stronger all day comfortable hold
  • Zinc free, ooze free, easy, no mess cleanup, unlike denture pastes or denture creams
  • Strong, all day hold with a cushiony, soft feel
  • FSA/HSA eligible
  • Healthy Benefit Plus Program eligible
75% stronger all-day hold vs. leading paste

SeaBond denture seals are designed to keep your dentures securely in place all day — without the icky ooze of pastes. Each seal is embedded with a unique gradual release denture adhesive that provides all-day hold and a cushiony-feel. So, you can go wild – eat, smile & live with confidence.

FSA/HSA Eligible. Saving money

SeaBond is FSA/HSA eligible!

SeaBond seals help lower your monthly denture care cost because they are FSA/HSA eligible. Plus, one SeaBond seal lasts all day. No need to reapply.

Uppers easy how to

Trim overlap with scissors illustration

Step 1

Place dry seal onto clean, dry denture. Trim any overlap with scissors. Once size is right, trim seals. Tip: If seal bunches in back, cut “V” in back.

Place seal on denture - white side up, pink side down illustration

Step 2

Place trimmed seal on denture WHITE SIDE up, PINK SIDE down. Spray or mist with water (lightly moisten). Do not oversaturate.

Tap seal into place illustration

Step 3

Gently tap seal into place with fingertip.

Put dentures into mouth and bite down illustration

Step 4

Put denture into mouth and bite down evenly for 5 seconds.

Removing SeaBond is a Breeze illustration

To remove the seal from your denture, simply lift the corner and peel away. It’s that easy. The easy removal of SeaBond is unlike denture pastes, which can stick to dentures and require time consuming scraping to get clean.