INTERPROX PLUS 2G, Interdental brush 1.0 mm, 6 units

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Interprox Plus Interdental Brushes
Designed to remove bacterial plaque in the interdental spaces of incisors, premolars and molars.
The angled head of the Interprox Plus interdental brush provides easy access to the interdental spaces of premolars and molars. This special design allows the brush to be inserted perpendicularly to prevent damage to the gums. The innovative technology using high quality Tynex ® bristles allows for better care of the gums.
Double color brush construction:
white bristles show bleeding
black bristles – plaque.
The stainless steel wire is coated with polyurethane for better protection of the mucous membrane, implants. The presence of a protective cap allows you to take the brushes with you wherever you go.