Sun Gum Floss Expanding 33yd Mid-Size Bg/12 #595

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Sun Gum Floss Expanding 33yd Mid-Size Bg/12 #595 KD 3.500

Clean and Healthy Gums

Treat yourself to a refreshingly clean breath with GUM Expanding Floss. This lightly waxed dental floss easily glides through closely set teeth and cleans those hard-to-reach areas. It also expands during use to remove plaque from wider gaps in the teeth.

  • Made of nylon fibers
  • Lightly waxed for easy insertion
  • Expands during use for effective cleaning
  • Gentle on gums

GUM Expanding Floss helps you conveniently clean those difficult-to-reach areas between your teeth. It also removes debris from teeth surface, leaving your teeth and gum line clean.

Just For You: Those with tooth or gingival sensitivity or gingival recession.

A Closer Look: GUM Expanding Floss is made of nylon fibers that are gentle on sensitive gums. It’s compressed and lightly waxed for effective cleaning and comfortable use.

Get Started: Wind floss around middle fingers. Glide it gently between teeth. Move in a back and forth motion to clean. Contour floss around the side of the tooth and slide floss up and down against the surface and under the gum line.