2 in 1 Clear Aligner Chewies and Removal Tool Combo for Invisalign #615

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2 in 1 Clear Aligner Chewies and Removal Tool Combo for Invisalign Removable Braces and Trays By PUL (1 piece, Blue color)

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invisalign chewie and aligner removal tool

PRECISE: We give your aligners the extra push they need to fit over your teeth and into their prescribed movements for more predictable outcomes.

HYGIENIC: Our hands-free aligner chewie & removal tool keeps your hands out of your mouth and reduces the spread of germs & viruses.

COMPACT: Our PUL System conveniently fits into your case and goes wherever you go.

SAFE & REUSABLE: No more choking on disposable chewies. Our tooth cushion slides down the handle of the removal tool to give you better control.

DESIGN & FUNCTION: PUL was created by a Registered Dental Assistant to solve real patient problems she heard everyday. Plus, she wanted to give her patients something cool to carry around.

invisalign chewies

Can’t I just put my aligners on myself?

Sure. If your fingers are strong enough to push them all the way against your teeth! Most likely they’re not, and why would you want your hands in your mouth anyway?

invisalign chewy and remover tool
invisalign chewies

Simple compact dental appliance removal and seating tool for clear aligner trays dentures retainers

aligner chewies

The PUL System can also be used with:

Clear Removable Aligners, Dentures, Whitening trays, Retainers and other Removable Dental Appliances.

Reusable / Hygienic / BPA Free

PUL System is the first and only 2 in 1 Chewie & Removal Tool for Aligners

Includes 1 CHEWIE tool & 1 PUL Tool for aligner seating and removal.

SGS tested and Material Data Safety sheet documented. We’ve invested in materials you can trust.

  • Fits into standard retainer cases
  • Made to last your entire treatment plan
  • Food Grade BPA and Phthalate Free
  • Dishwasher Safe