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Bad Breath Package #733 KD 12.750


HALITA® mouthwash eliminates the layer of bacteria that produce malodorous gases and prevents their subsequent growth. By rinsing just twice per day, HALITA® mouthwash acts quickly and effectively against bacteria. The combination of Chlorhexidine digluconate and Cetylpyridinium chloride prolongs the antiseptic action of the two components for greater bacterial control and reduction of malodorous gas production. HALITA® is the first scientific treatment developed for the control of oral halitosis.


To neutralise malodorous substances that cause chronic oral halitosis.
For transitory bad breath caused by certain foods (such as onion or garlic), drinks, smoking, hormonal changes, medicines, etc.

How to use: 

My Pharmacy in Spain recommends you to rinse two times per day (morning and night) with 15 ml for 1 minute to ensure good oral hygiene and complete removal of bad breath-producing bacteria. It is advisable for rinses to be performed after use of the tongue cleaner and toothpaste in order to remove bacteria that accumulate particularly on the back portion of the tongue.

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