Emoform Sensitive Mouth Rinse 500Ml #841

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Protects and soothes sensitive teeth & denuded tooth necks rapidly with a lasting effect. Fluoride protects against caries. Suited for denture wearers. It provides caries protection, desensitizes the teeth, treats irritated gums, relieves dry mouth, strengthens the enamel, and enhances caries prophylaxis. Ideal pH of 5.6 promotes the uptake of fluoride.

How to use?
With the practical dosing device, the exact amount of liquid can be prepared, the rinsing solution can be taken directly into the mouth and the liquid can be moved back and forth for 1 minute with the cheeks. The mouthwash is also suitable for gargling. Spit out the rinsing solution after about 1 minute (may be a little longer). Afterwards, do not rinse your mouth with water, and use it 2-3 times a day as needed