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Strengthens gums, shows antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action. Provides long-term and notable freshness of breath.

Application of conditioners of an oral cavity needs to be entered into a habit. Especially it is actual for those who fight against stale breath. The real fighter against an unpleasant smell from a mouth – the concentrated LACALUT fresh mouthwash.
Properties of a conditioner

The concentrated LACALUT fresh mouthwash possesses antibacterial action, promotes removal of a raid from interdental sites, remote for a toothbrush, strengthens and tones up gums, prevents their inflammation and bleeding, mineralizes and strengthens tooth enamel, and also protects from caries.

Is ideally suited when using orthodontic devices. Does not irritate sensitive tissues of a mucous membrane of an oral cavity.
Councils for application

On 100 milliliters of water only 5-7 drops of solution are required. It is necessary to rinse 2 times a day, in the morning and in the evening (for example, before going to bed), within 1 minute. The conditioner creates a protective layer on a surface of teeth. For achievement of the maximum effect liquid within 30 minutes after procedure is not recommended to eat food also.

Use with toothpastes and brushes of the range LACALUT for maintenance of health of teeth and gums and the optimal solution of possible problems is recommended.