Perio路Aid Intensive Care Mouthwash 500ml
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Perio路Aid Intensive Care Mouthwash 500ml

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Perio 路 Aid庐 Intensive Care聽mouthwash is a mouthwash whose formulation contains Chlorhexidine 0.12% (CHX) and 0.05 Cetylpyridinium Chloride% (CPC), indicated in the maintenance of periodontal health.

Perio 路 Aid庐 Intensive Care聽mouthwash, thanks to the synergistic effect of CHX and CPC, ensures control of oral biofilm after a specific dental procedure performed in a dental clinic.

It is indicated for maintaining oral hygiene and preventing periodontal and peri-implant disorders.

It is suitable for disinfection before and after surgical procedures in the oral cavity (tooth extractions, implant surgery, etc.). And also for people in situations of high risk of caries or where they cannot perform a correct tooth brushing.

Suitable for celiacs.

Directions for use:

Rinse for 30 seconds, with 15 ml of mouthwash, twice a day (morning and evening) after brushing.

Do not rinse with water or consume food or drinks for half an hour after using聽Perio Aid聽0.12% Mouthwash.

Most toothpaste contains ingredients that reduce the effects of chlorhexidine. Thus, it is recommended to use聽Perio Aid聽0.12% gel聽(does not contain anionic agents) before rinsing with聽Perio Aid聽0.12% mouthwash.