SPLAT Professional 3D Dental Floss with Cardamom Aroma 30m

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Dental Floss Splat three dimensional with flavour has been developed on the basis of a patented “There’s only one!” technology and is manufactured in Italy. The floss fibres become fluffy during its use, which guarantees more effective cleaning of interdental spaces and safety for gums. Unique antibacterial ingredient Biosol assures long-term breath freshness and protection against bacteria. Bergamot essential oil has pleasant lemon taste refreshing breath and exerting tonic effects in combination with lime. Cardamom essential oil has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effects, increases vital energy. Strawberry flavour contains more than 50 aromatic substances enabling it to raise spirits and assure fit of energy and vivacity. Splat three-dimensional waxed flosses carefully clean teeth and assure accurate cleaning of lateral teeth surfaces due to their unique structure. Strawberry flavour helps fighting insomnia, freshens breath; bergamot & lime flavours exert tonic effects and raise spirits; and cardamom makes your breath fresh. – antibacterial – becomes fluffy – cleans carefully