StayCool Mouth Spray Cool Mint 20ml

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StayCool Mouth Spray Cool Mint 20ml KD 3.350

Staycool Mouth Spray Cool Mint 20 Ml

Oral Spray

The new way to instant fresh breath. Bad breath occurs when the salivary glands slow down the production of saliva, which allows bacteria to grow inside the mouth and bad breath to develop. Stay Cool Breath Freshener contains a proven antibacterial agent to reduce the odours left after drinking, eating and smoking.  Oral Hygiene is a must. Packed in a neat little pump spray can, it is the better alternative to chewing gum.  No issues with having to dispose of any rubbish.  Perfect for the car, van, home, travels and on yourself.

Many persons are suffering from bad odors from the mouth, especially in the morning
It is often annoying and maybe Embarrassing

These odors result from the accumulation and fermentation of bacteria and microbes
The presence of accumulated residues of food
Negligence in oral health care
Some gum and mouth problems
Tooth decay

Make sure to use toothbrush and toothpaste on a daily basis to get rid of leftovers
Use mouthwash to kill bacteria and microbes
You may need to use dental floss to get rid of leftovers in hard-to-reach areas
Use a refresh mouth spray to get a fresh breath all the time
Always drink a suitable amount of water daily
Eat healthy foods low in sugars and rich in vitamins
Periodic examination of oral health with a specialist so as to avoid any infections