The Humble Natural Mouthwash Coconut & Salt500 ml

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The Humble Co.
Natural Mouthwash Coconut
Without alcohol
Recycled plastic packaging
Approved by dentists

Just remove the cap, fill the cup with the desired amount, about 10 ml and rinse your mouth with mouthwash. shake and rinse for about 1 minute before spitting.

Caution: do not swallow and preferably do not eat for about 30 minutes after use.



  • ALCOHOL FREE – We make our mouthwash alcohol free to eliminate the burn of traditional antiseptics, creating a gentler experience that helps encourage regular use, which promotes better hygiene and oral health, and making oral care for kids even easier.
  • BEAT BAD BREATH – Our non-toxic formula is a sodium fluoride mouthwash made with key ingredients like peppermint oil. It helps eliminate plaque, leaving your mouth feeling fresh and clean and helping eliminate bad odors. We offer the ultimate bad breath treatment for adults and kids!
  • ANTI CAVITY PROTECTION – A cavity prevention mouthwash is crucial to your oral hygiene and helps prevent tooth decay, keeping your mouth and smile healthy and looking its best.
  • GREAT TASTE – It can be tricky to find a good kids mouthwash, but with zero alcohol and excellent flavors, Humble’s got you covered. In addition to our Charcoal Mouthwash, our oral care products include Fresh Mint, Coconut, and Strawberry (perfect for kids).
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