Dentaid , Vitis Orthodontic mouthwash 500ml #706

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Dentaid , Vitis Orthodontic mouthwash 500ml #706 KD 4.550

Its formula is designed for daily care of your mouth, teeth and gums!
It provides the active ingredients required to have an anti-plaque and enamel remineralization action.

Vitis Orthodontic Mouthwash reinforces the action of the brush and toothpaste, reaching areas that normally are difficult to access and ensures that the active ingredients remain longer in the mouth.

Especially suitable for:

– People who wear orthodontic appliances;
– People who are prone to ulcers and injuries;
– Safe for people with celiac disease.

How to Use






Rinse the mouth with 15ml Vitis Orthodontic mouthwash for 30 seconds.
We recommend not rinse with water or eat or drink immediately after use.