Aligner-B-Out #441

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Aligner-B-Out Clear Aligner Removal Tool (random color)

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Aligner-B-Out #441 KD 3.500 KD 1.980
  • Do you wear clear aligners? Do you ever remove your aligners? Do you hate using your fingernails to remove your aligners? If you answered yes to at least two out of three of these questions than Aligner-B-Out is for you! It helps you remove aligners. No extra bells and whistles. If you have aligners in and you want them out, it can do that. Literally all it can do is remove your aligners.


  • Helps make aligners that are in a mouth become aligners that are not in that mouth
  • Removes aligners
  • Aligners in Mouth + Aligner-B-Out = Aligners not in Mouth
  • Removes aligners
  • Does the opposite of putting aligners in a mouth


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Blue, White, Pink, Green, Yellow