Clear Aligner and Retainer Case by PUL (Colors: Gray-White)

KD 12.000

Earn up to 480 Points.




  • Slim and sleek modern case keeps your aligners and retainers secure at home and on the road. A magnetic closure ensures the case is securely fastened.
  • Fits everything you need: Clear aligners, PUL’s 2 in1 aligner chewie and removal tool, floss picks and cleaning tablets.
  • Our aligner case also fits retainers, sportsguards, niteguards, mouthguards and partial dentures.
  • Aligners, Retainers, Floss, Tablets and/or Removal Tools NOT Included
Slim and sleek, extra room for aligners and tools. Fits everything you need
aligner case open with aligners and tool to show fit
aligner case open with aligners and tools to show fit

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Gray, White