Curaprox – Implant and Ortho #355

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Behind wires, on lingual braces, fixed dentures, even below implants – wherever cleaning is particularly tricky. The handle of the CS 708 is flexible; its head can be infinitely bent, thus guaranteeing the perfect cleaning angle. The head features seven tufts of fine Curen® filaments. It is small and compact, yet extremely efficient at removing plaque.

The CS 708 is the alternative to “I can’t reach there”. It can get to difficult-to-reach areas with no problems since it can be easily bent. Thanks to the bend in the handle, it cleans at just the right angle. What’s more, the head is both extremely small and very compact. Seven tufts of fine Curen® filaments remove plaque wherever it easily builds up: on implants, fixed dentures, wires, brackets, lingual braces. Developed in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Kirsten Warrer and Prof. Dr. Hugo Roberto Lewgoy.

– Perfect cleaning angle
– Cleans hard-to-reach areas
– For implants, fixed dentures, brackets, lingual braces
– Extremely compact, seven-tuft head
– Curen® filaments measuring 0.12 mm
– Easy-to-bend handle
– Developed with Prof. Dr. Kirsten Warrer and Prof. Dr. Hugo Roberto Lewgoy
– Made in Switzerland