Interdental brush INTERPROX PLUS 2G 0.9 mm, MICRO, 6 pcs. #702

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Interdental brush INTERPROX PLUS 2G 0.9 mm, MICRO, 6 pcs. #702 KD 3.300

INTERPROX PLUS 2G interdental brushes are designed for cleaning the interdental areas. Especially recommended for oral care of patients undergoing orthodontic treatment. Each brush comes complete with a protective cap. The ” 2G ” model has free space for the wire in the neck of the handle extending the life of the interdental brush.



INTERPROX PLUS 2G interdental brushes are recommended for people with:

  • Wide gaps between teeth
  • Fixed bridges
  • implants
  • braces

Purpose and properties:

  • Designed for cleaning the interdental spaces. Recommended for oral hygiene in patients undergoing orthodontic treatment or with orthopedic structures, in particular on implants
  • The bristles are made of high quality Tynex ® material , which allows them to be polished to the smoothest possible state – they do not in any way damage the surface of teeth, gums, implants
  • Black bristles help visualize bacterial plaque and white bristles help identify weak bleeding areas of the gums
  • Have a curved handle for easy cleaning in the posterior area
  • Each brush comes complete with a cap that protects the bristles from external contamination
  • The wire of INTERPROX PLUS 2G interdental brushes is made of stainless steel and coated with polyurethane, due to this coating it does not damage implants, teeth, gums and does not cause sensitivity
  • Available in conical and cylindrical shapes
  • 6 sizes : conical (1.3mm), mini (1.1mm), miniconical (1.0mm), micro (0.9mm), supermicro (0.7mm), nano (0.6mm)

Recommendations for use

  1. Select the correct size of interdental brush for each gap. INTERPROX PLUS 2G brushes are available in the following sizes: 0.6 mm, 0.7 mm, 0.9 mm, 1.1 mm, 1.3 mm. These values ​​indicate the minimum required space between teeth or structural members. The brush should pass freely, so that the bristles touch the teeth, and the wire does not rub against them. If the wire is bent or rubs against the gums, use a smaller brush.
  2. The shape of the working part of the INTERPROX PLUS 2G interdental brush can be cylindrical (recommended for anterior teeth) or conical (for lateral areas).
  3. Apply one drop of INTERPROX Gel to the Interdental Brush.
  4. Insert the brush into the interdental space; clean in a reciprocating motion. DO NOT roll the brush!
  5. Use one drop of INTERPROX Gel for each interdental space.
  6. Rinse the brush with warm water after use.


  • Packing Plastic blister
  • Purpose For the care of interdental spaces and braces