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Pesitro UltraClean Ideal #741

KD 2.600

PEISTRO UltraClean ideal Ultrasoft is a toothbrush that provides the safest and most gentle care for your oral cavity. With 10,000+ ultra-thin bristles, it is much better and more effective than regular toothbrushes with a high level of rigidity. This toothbrush is perfect for individuals with sensitive teeth, gums, and implants. The soft brush will be an excellent solution for teenagers, as well as adults. Made from quality materials, it not only cleans your teeth easily but also does not irritate your gums. The UltraX bristles of the toothbrush are made of a soft fiber that does not allow the accumulation of bacteria and does not have a harmful effect on tooth enamel.
Once upon a time, a PESITRO team of dental experts came together to address the growing concern of toothbrushes causing damage to teeth and gums. They spent countless hours researching and experimenting with different materials until we discovered the perfect solution – The PESITRO UltraClean ideal Ultra soft.

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