Eucerin Urea Repair Plus Body Wash for Very Dry & Rough Skin 400ml

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Eucerin UreaRepair Plus Body Wash 5% Urea is a great solution for those with dry and very dry skin on their body. The gentle cleanser will effectively cleanse the skin while providing essential moisture and preventing the skin from drying out. Moreover, the mild cleansing agents are gentle enough for daily use and will keep the skin feeling nourished. The formula will also help to relieve itchiness and the general discomfort commonly associated with dry skin.

Overall, this body wash will moisturize the skin and support its natural barrier function thanks to the Urea and the Natural Moisturizing Factors in the formulation. The first attracts and binds moisture to the outermost layers of the skin while improving natural exfoliation. All the while, the Natural Moisturizing Factors will help to prevent the skin from becoming dry, scaly, and rough by moisturizing its surface. Finally, this product is sure to leave the skin feeling smooth and supple. It is also suitable for mature skin and for those with Atopic Dermatitis and Psoriasis.


  • Texture: fluid;
  • Skin issues: dry skin, itchiness, rough and scaly skin;
  • Time of application: as often as needed;
  • Skin type: dry to very dry skin;
  • Main benefits: gently cleanses the skin, moisturizes the skin to prevent it from drying out, relieves tightness and itchiness associated with dry skin, leaves the skin soft and supple;
  • Formulated without: fragrance, soap.

Main Ingredients

  • Urea helps to regulate the moisture content of the skin;
  • Natural Moisturizing Factors (NMF) attract and bind water to the outermost layers of the skin to prevent dryness and the possible scaly and rough look and feel.

How to use

Massage a small amount of Eucerin UreaRepair Plus Body Wash 5% Urea into a lather and apply it on the skin. Then rinse thoroughly.