Le Petit Marseillais Moisturizing & Refreshing Fig Shower Gel 250ml

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Le Petit Marseillais Provence Fig Shower Gel 250 ml

♦ Le Petit Marseillais Provence Fig Shower Gel gently washes your skin, thanks to its light foam that releases a green and floral fragrance, True emblem of the Mediterranean Basin, the fig is a very fragrant and sweet fruit. Grown in Provence, Petit Marseillais fig is delicately picked by hand throughout the summer, then dried and infused in an oil. In addition to being a tasty fruit, the fig is a source of many benefits.


♦ Neutral pH for the skin

♦ Ingredients of the washing base easily biodegradable

♦ Enriched with hydrating agent of plant origin

♦ Dermatologically tested


♦ Brand: Le Petit Marseillais