Lierac Double Hydration Micro Peeling Body Scrub with Micrograins, Hyaluronic Acid & Hibiscus Extract 200ml

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Lierac Body-Hydra + Double Hydration Exfoliation Micropeeling 200ml


LIERAC Body-Hydra + Double Moisturizing Exfoliation Micropeeling It’s a Exfoliant care with micropeeling effect smoothing and renews the skin without assaulting. Exfolia gently dead cells and makes the texture of smoother and soft skin. Refines, smooth and moisturizes, thanks to the formulation with moisturizing assets. Provides immediate moisturizing action. Reveals the brightness and softness of the skin. For all skin types. Properties

Lierac Body-hydra + dual moisturizing exfoliation micropeeling has a soft, lightly scented gel texture with fresh and sensual notes of cherry blossom, gardenia and frangipan. Formulated with hyaluronic acid that helps fill the skin, silicon refirms, natural chemical hibiscus extract exfoliant with micropeeling action and vegetable micrograms, for an exfoliating action and full-length.


Soft, hydrated, renewed and bright skin.

Usage advice

Apply Lierac Body-Hydra + Double Moisturizing Exfoliation Micropeeling 1 to 2 Vexes per week, on the skin of the body wet, with a gentle massage in circular movements. Rinse abundantly.