Louis Widmer Foot Cream with Carbamid 75ml

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  • Louis Widmer Carbamide Foot Cream
  • It is a cream containing urea, 12%.
  • It is used to treat skin roughness and dryness due to increased keratinization.
  • Moisturizes the skin, improves its appearance and restores its vitality.
  • It corrects severe dehydration on the skin layers of patients diabetic foot.


  • Urea dissolves the keratin protein in keratinocytes to improve skin hydration and appearance.
  • Suitable for diabetics as it helps to accumulate water in the layers of the skin, so that severe dehydration that caused by diabetes is correct.
  • Louis Widmer Carbamide Foot Cream provides a triple action that exfoliates, protects, and helps break through moisturizers on the skin layers.
  • Urea removes chapped skin and improves appearance.
  • Louis Widmer Carbamide Foot Cream prevents diabetic foot infection due to anti-crakes’ action.