Vagyl Antiseptic Intimate Powder Wash 10 per pack

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  • It is a powder that dissolves in water and has a wonderful smell, it has the ability to get rid of vaginal infections with different types, can also be used as a vaginal rinse after menstruation to get rid of any residue stuck in the vagina.
  • Volume:  10gm/sachet
  • Vagyl powder works by preventing the collection of fluorides and other toxic substances in the body, Symptomatic relief of mirror irritation and itching associated with vaginitis.  Routine cleansing of the vagina at the end of menstruation, after the use of contraceptive creams or jellies or to rinse out the residue of prescribed vaginal medication (feminine hygiene)


Sodium Chloride 0.8 g + Sodium Bicarbonate 7.7 g + Borax 1.375 g + Menthol 0.125 g.


1 – Clean the vagina after the end of the period.
2- Perfuming the sensitive area
3 – Get rid of the increase in vaginal discharge and offensive smell.
4 – Alleviate infections, whether fungal or bacterial infections.
5 – Get rid of the symptoms that accompany infections such as itching and burning.

How to use:

Dissolve the contents of 1 sachet in one liter of warm water, and use as a vaginal douche.  Repeat once or twice daily or as directed by the physician