Omron NE-C900 Comp Air Compressor Nebulizer
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Omron NE-C900 Comp Air Compressor Nebulizer

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This product is intended to be used for inhaling medication for respiratory disorders. This product is developed in conjunction with respiratory therapists for the successful treatment of asthma, chronic bronchitis, allergies and other respiratory disorders. Operate the device only as instructed by your doctor and/or respiratory therapist. Technical specification are as follows: Rating (AC): 220-240V, 50Hz, Power Consumption: 220VA, Nebulization rate: Approx. 0.4ml/min (by weight loss), Particle Size: MMAD approx. 3µm, Medication Tank Capacity: 7ml max.
Efficient lung deposition at lower airways.Convenient handle for carrying safely.Short nebulization times.Simple one-button operation.
How to Use:
Clean and disinfect the nebulizer kit, mask, mouthpiece or nosepiece before using.Make sure that the power switch is in the OFF position.Plug the power plug into a power outlet.Remove the inhalation top from the medication tank.Add the correct amount of prescribed medication to the medication tank.Put the inhalation top back inside the medication tank.Attach the mask, mouthpiece or nosepiece to the nebulizer kit tightly.Attach the air tube. Twist the air tube plug slightly and push it firmly into the air tube connector.Do not tilt the nebulizer kit at an angle of greater than 45 degrees in all directions. Medication may flow into the mouth or it may result in not nebulizing effectively.Press the power switch to the ON position.As the compressor starts, nebulization begins and aerosol is generated. Inhale the medication.When treatment is complete, turn the power off and unplug the compressor from the power outlet.For pictorial representation refer the information insert of the product.