Veroval Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

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Upper arm blood pressure monitor for precise and gentle measurement

• Large display so that measured values can be read easily
• Detects and displays cardiac arrhythmias”
• Simple analysis of measured values using a traffic-light system
• Comfortable universal size cuff with ergonomic fit
• With integrated cuff fit check
• USB cable included
Veroval Activity packaging

High level of precision verified:

European Society of Hypertension - validated ESH-IP2 2010

The Veroval® upper arm blood pressure monitor has had its extraordinary measurement quality proven and been awarded the European Society of Hypertension quality seal of approval.

Comfort Air Technology

comfort air technology
This innovative Veroval®device with Comfort Air Technology ensures comfortable measurement. Inflation to 190 mmHg is required for the first measurement. For subsequent measurements, the inflation pressure is adjusted individually based on previously measured blood pressure values. This allows for more comfortable upper arm measurements.

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