Hema Gel for Acute & Chronic Wounds 15gr

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Hydrophilic gel for use with skin surface injuries How to use: First clean the wound to free it from mechanical impurities, e.g. dust particles or residues of previously used materials that could subsequently irritate and damage the wound. • Spread a thin gel layer (about 1 mm) over the entire area of the wound’s base/bottom, slightly exceeding it to the healthy skin. The gel will adhere to the base of the wound and gradually absorb secretions from the wound. • Cover the wound with a non-absorbent material (e.g. vaseline dressing available in pharmacies) and x in place with a bandage or a square gauze and adhesive plaster. Cover small injuries after the gel has been applied with cushioned adhesive tape. • The eff ect of the gel manifests as swelling. The unique gel technology prevents adherence to the wound, resulting in its rather easy removal that is painless – simply through mild wiping or rinsing. • A change of bandage should be carried out as needed, every 12 – 48 hours depending one the wound condition and how much soaking occurs through the secondary wound cover, or as instructed by the treating physician. Ingredients: Copolymers of 2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate . for more details ask almutawa pharmacists.