Futuro Adjustable Wrist Wrap BC
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Futuro Adjustable Wrist Wrap BC

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Adjustable compression strap for customized fit and support

Provides support and power for weak, injured, or rigid wrists. Also, protect against further injuries.

– Compression straps can be adjusted for the ideal support and comfort.
– Thumb opening makes the supporter easily taken off and put on.
– Relieves injured or weak wrists.
– Strong neoprene-blend for firm support, Warmth sensation, and comfort.
РWrap-around design easily taken off and put-on.
– Dual usage (Right or Left).

Injuries: Strains & Sprains, Arthritis, Swelling,  Tendonitis,  General Soreness

Wear and Care

How to use

1. Insert your thumb into the thumb opening with The smooth side of the support facing skin. Wrap the support around the top of your wrist.

2. Slide the support under your wrist and wrap back wisely over the top of your wrist. Attach the fastener.

3. Adjust to achieve an ideal fit and comfort.

Care Instructions

Remove the metal splint, Attach all fasteners before washing. Wash it manually by hand with a soft soap in water with medium temperature (warm), Rinse hardly and leave it to dry by air.

Prevent: Washing by machine, Stumble dry, Dry clean, Bleaching, Usage of fabric softeners.