Futuro Reversible Splint Wrist Brace (14-21.5cm)
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Futuro Reversible Splint Wrist Brace (14-21.5cm)

KD 15.750

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Futuro palmer stay adjustable providing suitable stability

– Low-Cut, Comfortable design allows moving your hand freely.
РSoft, breathable, smooth, and strong materials.
– Three loop and hook fasteners guaranteeing an ideal fit.
РSleek sleeve design easy and effortless to wear.
– Hasn’t been made from natural rubber-latex.
– Dual usage (right or left) wrist.

Injuries: Arthritis, Sprains, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Tendonitis, Repetitive Stress injuries

Wear and Care

How to use

1. Open fasteners, Wear the brace over your hand with the metal splint placed along your hand palm.

2. Close the middle strap, Then close the other straps.

3. Attach the thumb strap to the opposite side of your hand, Adjust straps to achieve an excellent fit and comfort.

4. For left usage, Grab the metal splint out of the pocket. Hold the splint readily. Rotate your supporter, Enter the metal splint into the opposite opening.

Care Instructions

For washing, Bring out metal splints from openings at the bottom of the brace, Close all fasteners. Wash it manually by hand with a soft soap in water with medium temperature (warm), Rinse hardly and leave it to dry by air.