Bigen’s Men Speedy Permanent Hair Color Cream Dark Brown No.103 – ammonia free (BC)

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• Comes with a comb especially made for men’s hair which will make the application so easy for you whether for a straight, curly hair and even for the sideburns.
• Natural formulation with conditioning ingredients such as Olive oil, Glycine, and Pullulan.
• Applies beautiful hair color which in return will also keep it bright and silky.
• Long lasting color.
• Perfect for covering the grey hair by 100% and in 10 minutes only.
• Does not include ammonia so you won’t be bothered by any kind of a strong smell.
• You can use it more than one time.

• Brand: Bigen Speedy.
• Formulation: Cream.
• Container type: Tube.
• Color: Dark Brown.