Phyto Novathrix Fortifying Energizing Shampoo with Guarana, Red Algae & Horserail Extract for All Types Hair Loss 200ml

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Phytonovathrix Fortifying Energizing Shampoo is an energizing shampoo that helps with all forms of hair thinning, be it hormonal, temporary, chronic, or severe. Formulated with a carefully selected blend of botanical ingredients, such as Guarana and Red Algae Extracts, this shampoo promotes micro-circulation in order to encourage new and healthy hair development, all the while invigorating and strengthening the hair. After each use, the hair is gently cleansed and texturized, easily recovering its strength and beauty.

If you liked Phytologist 15 Absolute Energizing Shampoo, which worked simultaneously on 15 biological targets involved in hair loss and hair growth, you will love this new and improved formula, which adds the promotion of Wnt signaling as a 16th target.


  • Texture: liquid;
  • Hair issues: hair thinning, hair loss, alopecia;
  • Time of application: bath;
  • Age: 20+;
  • Hair type: all hair types;
  • Main benefits: helps with all forms of hair thinning (hormonal, temporary, chronic or severe), protects and strengthens the hair, stimulates the scalp to promote healthy hair, creates a visibly denser and thicker appearance;
  • Formulated without: parabens, silicone, sulfate.

Main Ingredients

  • Guarana extract stimulates and energizes the hair and scalp;
  • Red algae extract reinforces and protects the hair fiber from external aggressors;
  • Horsetail decoction is a plant rich in minerals known for reinforcing the hair fiber and fighting hair loss.

How to use

Pour a small amount of Phytonovathrix Fortifying Energizing Shampoo into the hands, taking care to handle the product’s naturally liquid formula. Apply to damp scalp and massage gently, then leave on for 2 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. For ideal results,