Arta Dental Appliance Cleansing Tablets 32 Pcs #1161

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Arta Dental Appliance Cleansing Tablets 32 Pcs #1161 KD 4.000

Your Ultimate Dental Appliance Companion

Elevate your daily oral hygiene routine with Artā Dental Appliance Cleansing Tablets, a revolutionary solution designed to keep your dental appliances impeccably clean and your breath irresistibly fresh. Crafted by experts at Artā, a trusted brand known for its commitment to oral care excellence, these tablets are the key to maintaining a pristine smile and healthy mouth.

What’s Inside the Box?

Each Artā Dental Appliance Cleansing Tablets box contains a total of 32 tablets, ensuring a long-lasting supply for your oral hygiene needs. With this convenient supply, you can confidently keep your dental appliances in tip-top condition.


Versatile Cleaning for All Your Dental Appliances

Artā Dental Appliance Cleansing Tablets are specially formulated to cater to a variety of dental appliances, making them the go-to choice for everyone. Whether you have dentures, clear aligners, or even toothbrushes, Artā has you covered.

Active Oxygen for Deep Cleaning

Our cleansing tablets harness the power of active oxygen, offering an unbeatable cleaning experience that reaches every nook and cranny of your dental appliances. Say goodbye to hidden stains, bacteria, and odors – Artā’s active oxygen technology takes care of them all.

Minty Fresh Sensation

Experience a burst of refreshing minty goodness with every use. Artā Dental Appliance Cleansing Tablets leave your appliances not only impeccably clean but also with a delightful minty scent, ensuring your breath stays pleasantly fresh throughout the day.


Simple Usage Instructions

1- Prepare Your Appliance: Take out your removable appliance and give it a quick rinse and brush.

2- Add the Tablet: Place your appliance in a suitable container and drop in one Artā tablet.

3- Cover with Water: Pour room temperature water over the appliance to ensure it’s fully submerged.

4- Efficient Soaking: Depending on your appliance type:
Dentures & Clear Aligners: Soak for just 5 minutes once a day.
Toothbrushes: Soak for 2 minutes once a day.
For stubborn stains, you can soak for a maximum of 10 minutes.

5- Rinse and Brush: After soaking, thoroughly rinse and brush your appliance with clean water before use.

6- Dispose and Rinse: Safely dispose of the used solution and rinse the container for the next use.

Artā Dental Appliance Cleansing Tablets are a testament to our commitment to your oral health. Give yourself a clean, refreshing, and easy-to-use solution for maintaining your dental appliances. Elevate your oral care routine with Artā today